Technology made specifically for your home has found a nice niche over the past two years. Many products have hit the market that automate functions and monitor your home while you’re away. Several voice activated products have caught public interest but the Amazon Echo in particular has solidified its future.

The Amazon Echo is the first new product of its kind to get a dedicated commercial – let alone during the Super Bowl.

Amazon dubbed the commercial as the “#BaldwinBowl” and after a week the YouTube version has amounted over 18.7 million views. The product had already been on the market well before the commercial but the promotion really helped the public see the value in the “smart speaker.”

The product works simply out of the box: take the Amazon Echo out of the box and plug it in. Then you’ll hear the awakening of your personal assistant, Alexa. She’ll prompt you to begin the setup process of connecting the speaker’s Wi-Fi network on your phone or tablet, as well as your home network in the Alexa app. Within minutes your smart speaker will be ready to go. The setup is simple but the possibilities are endless; this is an Amazon product that really brings convenience to your life at home.

The speaker will light up whenever it hears its name called and it’s a good listener – seven noise-cancelling microphones are hidden within. The Echo’s dual downward-firing speakers create an “immersive sound,” and current consumers say that they don’t usually raise the volume above about 60 percent. The speaker has been reviewed to fill a room well with sound.

The most interesting part about the Amazon Echo is that it’s always evolving. The capabilities it has now weren’t the core functions in the product’s earlier days.

When the Echo launched, the speaker could naturally read off weather reports, set timers and alarms, and managing your to-do list and shopping list. Obviously, the company added a very accessible pathway to shop on Amazon. Alexa can also read curated news from popular sources like NPR, BBC News, CNN and others. The ability to choose which categories and sources that interest you can be done from the Alexa app.

The Amazon Echo now has over 135 skills and climbing. There are so many commands that Alexa can comprehend and carry out, but its home services create an all-in-one controller for any homeowner.

Apps like WeMo, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Insteon, and other smart home devices are all compatible. Use your Echo to turn on the lights before getting up in the morning or setting your coffee pot the night before. Alexa will even order Domino’s and Uber for you if you asked.

The Amazon Echo isn’t a stagnant product; instead, Alexa is continually adding skills and capabilities. This smart speaker is a product that can truly make your life easier at home without lifting a finger.


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